Mixed Use Development Standards

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Mixed Use refers to places where you find a mix of residential and commercial uses within close proximity or within the same building. Many examples of mixed use buildings and projects can be found in Burbank, both new and old.

Mixed-Use in Downtown:




Small-scale examples of mixed use on Olive and Magnolia Boulevards, with living units above commercial uses. Both were built in the 1950's.



The Talaria Mixed Use Project, located at 3401 W. Olive (under construction). Once finished, the Talaria project will have a large grocery store with apartment units above.


What’s next for mixed use in Burbank?

Mixed-use development is currently allowed in many commercial areas of the City with discretionary approval.  However, these types of projects can sometimes present challenges relating to site layout, building design, and relationship between uses. Ways to address these considerations are not clearly spelled out in the existing Zoning Code. 

To help clarify and expand on the zoning standards, the Planning Division is working to propose citywide mixed use development standards.  The work is being done with the help of a grant from the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) and the consulting firm Sargent Town Planning. Soon we will be seeking input through community workshops and other opportunities for participation. Stay tuned!



City Council: the City Council held a study session on December 6, 2016.

CLICK HERE to go to the agenda and staff report (Item # M-1).

CLICK HERE to view the video of the City Council meeting.

Planning Board: The City of Burbank Planning Board held a Study Session on April 25, 2016.

CLICK HERE to go to the agenda and staff report (Item #3).

CLICK HERE to view the video of the Planning Board meeting.



For more information, or to get on the mailing list, please contact the project planner, Lisa Frank.

E-mail: LFrank@burbankca.gov

Telephone: (818) 238-5250.


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