Presidential Awardees Photo

President's Lifetime Achievement Award 

 The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor of volunteer recognition.  It is awarded to those volunteers who have contributed more than 4000 hours of service in their lifetime.  It is a tremendous honor to receive this award and the volunteers take great pride in their recognition of this achievement. 

The 2016 President's Lifetime Achievement Awardees are listed below:

 Cummings, Louise  Engel, Sr., Sam
 Kemmerer, John  Krambo, Marika
 Rector, Suzanne  Shirinian, Nora
 Van Der Werff, Ronald  Vincenti, Mary


Years of Service Awardees 

BVP Volunteers who have served for period of five year increments are also recognized by the City of Burbank Parks and Recreation Department.  Below is a list of the 25, 20 and 15 years of service awardees. (10 and 5 year awardees not listed.)

25 Years of Service

Rinard, Joan

Siltamaki, Kathleen


20 Years of Service

Bars, Faye

Richarson, Julia

Yoon, Theresa


15 Years of Service

Griffin, Wini

Moseley, Joan

Sahakian, Lucy

Smith, William

Vercesi, Cecilia

Whitman, Fay


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